My collection of works from my handmade items to my painting and drawings all revolve around the universe from aspects of nature at night to the mysteries of what lies beyond our galaxy. They include both some factual information and mostly fictional aspects drawn from my imagination. Being predominately inspired from fiction my works are highly symbolic representing different emotional facets of life. My work is primarily dark in nature due to it’s connect to the night sky and galaxy but hold a uplifting message for myself as well as for a selection of viewers. Although I never use the same medium or process for each of my works, my methodology stands true to the essence. The subject matter to each of my works determines the section of materials and the process in which they are utilized. Each collection of works that share a similar subject matter often range in different mediums and emotional influences. And as I expand my research and discoveries in life, new areas of interest arise and lead to new bodies of work. 

Cherry Blossom

Silhouette Series

Winter Time Relaxation 11x15.jpg

Travel Series

Clashing Planets.jpg

Our Universe Series

19_Gazing at the Stars and Moon_11x14_wa

Daydreamer Series