A Gift from the Moon

A Gift from the Moon

16x20 Acrylic paint on canvas.

A Gift from the Moon is a story of desires. The mermaid who is a lady of the sea that visits the surface to admire the full moon and stars that shine so brightly. She gazes up wishes she could go there where everything looks so bright but that is not always the case. Instead the moon gifts her a star; something that shines of her own. The message being that sometimes we do not always get what we want but can still receive what is best for us.

  • Care Instructions

    • Keep out of direct sunlight. 
    • Do not lean anything against the cnavas to prevent scratching the paint, denting or piercing the canvas. 
    • Hang your artworks away from very busy and possibly messy areas. Over time, artworks can accumulate a thin layer of dust and pollutants, airborne grime from cooking oils, particles from smoking and insect specks. If there is a place to display your piece away from these things, or where it will be somewhat less exposed, try to position it there.
    • Wrap your artwork well if you plan to transport it. 
    • Try to avoid subjecting your artworks to extreme changes in atmosphere.
    • If your artwork does get damaged, please don't fix it yourself and contact me directly or a professional.
    • Do not cover artworks with plastic for long periods of time. If there is humidity in the air, they may start to grow mold.
    • Do not frame artworks on canvas under glass, because canvas needs to breathe.  
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