Art is like a window, something that takes you into another world that the artist created just for you. As an artist I can say our artwork is intended for you, many of us may not view it that way but why else are we putting it into the world for others to see. Especially if some pieces show our deepest fears, our most memorable moments, and our point of views on life. It can be intended to spark a conversation, create a revolution, or just connect with others. Art is so powerful and can change the course of history in some cases; a lot of responsibility and legends to live up to, right!?!?While I may not be one to cause a revolution (you never know though) I am one to share my experiences with you. So that if you are another artist you can learn from my mistakes or as an lover of art can understand why your drawn to certain works of art or as a hobbiest in the arts learn to perfect your skills. As I always say and will forever say is "knowledge is power and the more you know the more you grow." So please take advantage of every opportunity to learn more because you never know when that information will come in handy!  


Into the Art: Interview with Exhibition Director Kalin Monet Brown

Written by: Meagan J. Meehan on HVY Journalists


"Be My Guest"

Hosted by: Jan Lewis

Sponsored by: UCTV

Belle Amoire Jewelry by Stampington 

Autumn 2020, Volume 16, Issue3

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